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USA Homebuyers™ Network Members specialize in buying residential real estate from people in situations just like yours.  Our Network Members can buy houses in almost any location, condition, or price range.  They will provide you with a Fast, Free, and No Obligation Evaluation.  And since they are buyers, not real estate agents, there are no commissions or ad fees.

Do You Need Fast Cash?
Our Network Members can pay all cash and close quickly, if needed, relieving you of the stress and pressure of an unwanted house.  If your property meets your local Network Member’s buying parameters, you can have your house sold and money in your hands in as little two weeks.  It is that simple, and that fast.

And, our Network Members have other buying programs available, including offers of substantial down payments with favorable terms, immediate debt relief of your mortgage payments, and leasing your house with an option to buy.  They can find creative solutions to the most challenging real estate problems.  We are sure they can solve your situation.

What Do I Have To Do To Sell My House?
Your USA Homebuyers™ Network Member will handle all of the paperwork and settlement details.  Each Network Member has a hand-picked team of professionals (attorneys, title agents, finance companies, improvement contractors, termite inspectors, etc.) that stand ready to assist in every aspect of the transaction.

In most cases it is not necessary for you to do any repairs prior to selling the house to one of our Network Members.  So drop the paint brush and return the carpet cleaner . . . selling your house is simple, easy, and worry-free.

USA Homebuyers Guiding Principles™
Our team of buying professionals will always treat you with the utmost respect, explain everything in easy-to-understand terms, as often as necessary, and provide you with copies of everything you sign.

Each Network Member has agreed to abide by the USA Homebuyers Guiding Principles™ and proudly displays the USA Homebuyers Investor Commitment Seal™.  This seal is your assurance that you are dealing with an investor that has committed to doing business with you in a Fast, Fair and Honest way.

Simply call us now toll-free at 1-800-422-8937 24 hours a day or fill out our Sell Your House Fast Form to find out how your local Network Member can relieve your stress and quickly buy your house.

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