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To become a USA Homebuyers™ Network Member, an individual or company must meet certain criteria. They must have real estate investment experience and pass a detailed background check.  In addition, each and every USA Homebuyers™ Network Member has committed in writing to abide by the USA Homebuyers Guiding Principles™.  These principles were developed because we believe you, the seller, should be treated with professionalism, discretion, and respect.  We also believe the buyer of your house should be fast, fair, and honest.

Just look for the USA Homebuyers Investor Commitment Seal™.  Only USA Homebuyers™ Network Members can proudly display this Seal.  It is your assurance that your local Network Member has agreed to follow the USA Homebuyers Guiding Principles™.

USA Homebuyers Guiding Principles™

A USA Homebuyers™ Network Member should:

  • Be Fast, Fair, and Honest
  • Be professional, discreet and confidential
  • Provide a free, written, no obligation offer, in as little as 48 hours after property evaluation
  • Only purchase your house if their offer meets your requirements
  • Clearly explain every document, prior to your signature, in easy to understand language
  • Never ask you to sign any documents that are not completely filled out
  • Provide you with a copy of every document signed before and after settlement
  • Never charge a fee or commission
  • Schedule the closing date to fit your moving schedule
  • Handle all paperwork and details for the closing
  • Close all transactions that involve the transfer of the title, ownership, or a deed with a licensed settlement agent (attorney, title insurance company or agent, real estate broker, or financial institutions) as appropriate in your state and mutually agreed upon by you and your Network Member
  • Close as quickly as possible – usually in less than two weeks
  • Keep you updated throughout the entire buying process
  • Adhere to all local, state, and federal laws
  • Proudly display the USA Homebuyers Investor Commitment Seal™
  • Purchase your home under their personal or company name, not under USA Homebuyers, Inc.

The buying and selling of your house is serious business.  Real estate transactions can create legal and tax issues for buyers and sellers.

All USA Homebuyers™ Network Members are independent investors that buy real estate under their individual or corporate names.  They are not real estate consultants . . . they are buyers.  You should seek the guidance of other licensed professionals such as real estate attorneys, real estate agents or brokers, mortgage brokers, etc. before entering and consummating any real estate transaction.

Finally, USA Homebuyers™ Network Members should inform you that they are a Network Member and can prominently display their USA Homebuyers Investor Commitment Seal™; however, under no circumstances should a Network Member, or any party, attempt to enter into an agreement with you on behalf of USA Homebuyers, Inc.  We ask that you Contact US immediately if anyone should attempt to do so.


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“Look for the USA Homebuyers  Investors
Commitment Seal . . .”

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