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How can a Network Member pay all cash for my house?
Our Network Members have access to private investment capital which allows them to pay all cash and close quickly, usually in a matter of days.  If your house meets their buying criteria (please fill out our Sell Your House Fast Form) our Network Members can pay you all cash and close quickly.

What is a fair price for my house?
Most economists would agree that your house is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Our Network Members can promise you that they will not buy your house unless you are happy with the offer they present to you.

How do your Network Members know so much about solving complex real estate problems?
Our collective group of Network Members has been buying houses from people just like you for many years.  In addition, our members network amongst themselves to learn and share the latest techniques in buying and selling real estate.  As a result, they can find creative solutions to the most challenging real estate problems. We are sure they can solve your situation. Take the first step and call us toll-free at 1-800-422-8937 24 hours a day or fill out the Sell Your House Fast Form to find out how one of our Network Members can help you.

Are there any obligations or costs to get an offer from one of your Network Members?
Absolutely not! All analysis and offers to buy are provided at no cost to you by your local USA Homebuyers™ Network Member. And, after an offer is made, you are under no obligation to accept their offer if it does not meet your needs.

Do your Network Members charge any commissions or fees if we accept their offer?
Our Network Members are professional real estate investors. Since they are not real estate agents, there are no commissions or additional fees if they buy your house. Additionally, USA Homebuyers, Inc. never receives a commission, fee, or any other compensation from the Network Members or the home sellers involved in any real estate transaction.

How do your Network Members make their money?
Like any other company, our Network Members are in business to make a fair profit for their time and effort. In order to accomplish this, they must construct real estate transactions that fit their buying parameters. Sometimes they will realize an immediate return on their investment by renovating and reselling the properties acquired. In other circumstances, they may add the property to their rental portfolio, which allows them to realize a gain over a longer period of time. However, you can rest assured that they will not buy your house unless their offer meets your needs.

How long does it take to close on my house?
Once you and your local Network Member mutually agree upon an offer, they can generally close on your house in approximately ten business days. While they handle all of the details of the closing (scheduling the closing agent, securing a title report, ordering a termite inspection, getting an appraisal, etc.) with their hand-picked professionals, sometimes problems arise that can delay them a few extras days. Our Network Members promise to keep you informed during the whole process.

Where do your Network Members close their transactions?
All closings are conducted at a licensed closing agent’s office, in keeping with their commitment to conduct business in a professional manner. Of course, our Network Members pay the closing agent’s fees. Call us now toll-free at 1-800-4-A-BUYER™ (1-800-422-8937) 24 hours a day or fill out our Sell Your House Fast Form to find out how one of our Network Members can professionally buy your house fast.

Does USA Homebuyers, Inc. buy houses? 
No, USA Homebuyers, Inc. no longer buys houses.  We have developed a network of members that own their own investing companies.  A local Network Member and/or their respective investing company will enter into an agreement with you to buy your house should you mutually agree upon an offer.  A Network Member should never present themself as being from the USA Homebuyers, Inc. corporate office or enter into a contract with you for any services on behalf of USA Homebuyers, Inc.  If they do so, we ask that you Contact Us immediately

However, we do encourage Network Members to proudly display their USA Homebuyers Investor Commitment Seal™ on their business card, letterhead, and web site.  In addition, they should inform you that they are a USA Homebuyers™ Network Member

Who can become a USA Homebuyers™ Network Member? 
To become a USA Homebuyers™ Network Member, an individual or company must meet certain criteria. They must have real estate investment experience, pass a detailed background check and agree to adhere to the USA Homebuyers, Inc. Guiding Principals

What does the USA Homebuyers Investor Commitment Seal™ Mean?
The USA Homebuyers Investor Commitment Seal™ is your assurance that you are dealing with an investor that has committed to doing business with you in a Fast, Fair and Honest way. Our Network Members have agreed to follow the USA Homebuyers Guiding Principles

Should I sell to (or work with) companies that post signs on telephone polls or on the highways? 
This type of signage is usually prohibited by local town and city ordinances. They are called “bandit signs.”  Since these types of signs are often illegal, we believe you will be better served by working with investors that follow all of the local, state, and federal laws

Who should I consult with about selling my house? 
USA Homebuyers™ Networks Members are not real estate consultants. They are real estate investors that buy houses.  It is always recommended that you contact other licensed professionals such as a real estate attorney, agent, mortgage broker, etc. prior to entering into any agreement to sell your house.


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