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Patricia’s Inherited Problem
Patricia inherited a house from her mother. Normally, this scenario would require that Patricia, as the executor, simply put the house on the market and sell it to pay expenses and estate taxes. However, this was no ordinary situation.

The house was not well maintained over the years and it needed $27,000 in repairs to make it marketable.  To make matters worse, the family was fighting over who should get the house, even though nobody had the money to complete the necessary repairs. And finally, the probate attorney who was owed $3,500 in legal fees was threatening to take the estate to court to collect his money.

Patricia was at her wit’s end. She called us with one simple request: “Please solve my problem.”  Our Network Member gave her all cash and closed on the house in a matter of days.

To find out how a Network Member can solve your individual problem call us now toll-free at 800-4-A-BUYER (1-800-422-8937) 24 hours a day or fill out our Sell Your House Fast Form.

Dianne’s Burnt House
Dianne pulled up to her house to witness something she will never forget: her nine-year old house was engulfed in flames and the fire fighters were frantically trying to put it out. She lost everything.

Unfortunately, Dianne’s insurance policy only covered the replacement value of her house, and not her furniture or belongings. Since there was not enough money to renovate the house and buy new furniture, she was going to have to buy a less expensive home.

Dianne did not know what to do with the old house. After all, who would buy a burnt house? She called us and told us about her dilemma. She nearly cried with joy when a Network Member told her they would buy her house for all cash and close quickly.

Dianne received enough money from the sale to buy the new furniture she wanted, and to go on a shopping spree for a whole new wardrobe!

Let us relieve you from the stress associated with an unwanted house by calling us now toll-free at 800-4-A-BUYER (1-800-422-8937) 24 hours a day or fill out our Sell Your House Fast Form.

Bill’s New Job
Bill and Ruth had recently moved to Jacksonville, Florida. Bill was excited about his job promotion and the transfer to Jacksonville, but their house in Maryland had not sold.

They tried selling their house the conventional way (with a real estate agent), but they did not get a contract during the listing period. Since they had purchased the house only a few years earlier there was not much equity.  The agent was forced to price the house above fair market value to cover their commission and to help pay the associated closing costs.

Weeks of waiting turned into months of frustration. Double mortgage payments were killing their finances. Ruth wanted to buy new furniture for her Jacksonville house, but every month she had to write a check for $1,412 to cover the mortgage payment on the Maryland house.

Finally, they called us.  Our Network Member gave them their full asking price for the house and bought it on a Lease/Purchase Program.  The Network Member handled the entire transaction and had a new prospective buyer to lease the house within a matter of weeks.  As a result, Bill and Ruth could take the $1,412 per month and put it towards their new house! And, the new buyer qualified for a mortgage in only six months, freeing Bill and Ruth from the mortgage on the Maryland house.

Don’t suffer another sleepless night worrying about a house you need to sell quickly. Call us now toll-free at 800-4-A-BUYER (1-800-422-8937) 24 hours a day or fill out our Sell Your House Fast Form to find out how our Network Members can help you with one of their creative programs.

Irma’s Rental Property Dilemma
Irma owned a rental property and was in a real pickle. The tenants in her house had not paid the rent in over four months. Irma, who was disabled and on a fixed income, could not afford to make the mortgage payments without the incoming rental payments.

Irma did not know how to make up the back mortgage payments. In addition, she was not even sure how to get the tenants out. She tried listing the house, but she could not find an agent willing to take on a house with a mortgage that was so far in arrears and required the eviction of tenants.

Irma saw one of our advertisements and gave us a call. One of our Network Members went right into action.  They purchased her house and rather than evicting the tenants in court, the Network Member helped the tenants find more affordable housing, and even helped them with their first month’s deposit.  Irma protected her credit rating, got rid of a big headache, and walked away with money in her pocket.

Call us now toll-free at 800-4-A-BUYER (1-800-422-8937) 24 hours a day or fill out our Sell Your House Fast Form to find out how we solve your complex real estate problem.

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