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Do you have what it takes to become a USA Homebuyers™ Network Member? We are looking for seasoned real estate investors to join our growing network of members that have agreed to adhere to the USA Homebuyers Guiding Principles™. You will benefit from the only nationally branded turn-key system for generating, disbursing, tracking, and analyzing leads, that is so unique, it is patent pending.

Once approved as a USA Homebuyers™ Network Member, you can select Media Territories and ZIP codes within each territory from exactly where you would like to receive leads. Additionally, you choose how much you would like to contribute to the monthly Media Fund.

That's it, we do the rest. You just sit back and wait for the leads to start flowing into your USA Homebuyers password protected online database account.

Leveraging our web site www.usahomebuyers.com and our easy to remember toll-free number 1-800-4-A-BUYER™, we use a national media buying company to effectively use the Media Fund contributions. This company negotiates and buys integrated media featuring TV, radio, Internet, billboards, newspapers, direct mail, etc. within each Media Territory.

Lead Generation
Based on your ZIP code preferences and your Media Fund contribution, the USA Homebuyers Lead Disbursement System™ will screen pre-qualified and pre-negotiated leads and send them directly to you. You can choose to accept the leads via a "warm phone transfer" or have them sent to your web-based account which is accessible from your PC, lap top, PDA, or anywhere you have online access. And, you can buy additional leads from our exclusive USA Homebuyers Lead Bank™.

Managing Your Business
Our web-based system provides you with the ability to manage your business more efficiently. You can organize all of your leads by category (new leads, active leads, archived leads, and deals). In addition, you will have all of the seller's information, related documents (contract, appraisal, etc.), house photos, contacts, task list, and a calendar to help you manage and process your leads. And since all data is kept in a secure database, you will never lose a lead again. You can simply use our "search feature" to help find that elusive lead when you cannot remember the seller's name or address.

Our System Works For You
Whether you are meeting with a seller, on a well deserved vacation, or in bed sleeping, our system is working 24-hours a day generating and disbursing leads to you. And, USA Homebuyers' program is better than any franchise, since we provide you with a turn-key system without the hefty up-front franchise fee and we never collect any royalties or commissions from each deal.

Getting Started
To start making more money from your real estate investing business, simply fill out our USA Homebuyers Network Member Application, contact us via email at info@usahomebuyers.com, or call us at 703-421-0060.

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