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selling your house fast and working with a usa homebuyers™ network member is easy.

call 1-800-422-8937 or complete the sell your house fast form to contact a local usa homebuyers™ network member

if your house meets their buying criteria, an offer is made to buy

if the offer is acceptable to you, a contract will be signed between you and the network member and a settlement date scheduled

settlement day arrives and your house is sold
. . . cash in hand and problem solved.

call us now toll-free at 1-800-4-a-buyer (1-800-422-8937) 24 hours a day or fill out our sell your house fast form to find out how one of our network members can buy your house in four quick and easy steps.


“they worked at a
feverish pace to
accommodate us . . .”


“we ended up with a
 very fair deal . . .”

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behind on payments?
going through a divorce?
100% financed with no equity?
house in need of repairs?
been transferred?
making double payments?
house vacant?
tired of being a landlord?
estate sale?

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